10 reasons to play violin!

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Miri Ben-Ari at Sesame Street

By Miri Ben-Ari

Parents, if you are seeking a musical instrument for your child and wondering which one is best to introduce to your future Mozart, allow me to share with you the very advantages of the most desirable, to my opinion, four strings instrument: the violin.

So why violin?
1-The violin is considered as “the most difficult instrument,” and rightfully so! with that being said, if you survived violin training, and practising as a child there is a good chance that you have acquired some qualities that might help you along the way such as focus, discipline, and dexterity. In other world: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

2-Although I love all strings instruments, especially the cello, admit it: violin is easier to carry around!

3-Violin comes in different sizes which is important especially when it comes to young children. It is always an adorable sight watching a three years old practicing a 1/16 size violin!

4-The legendary violinist Isaac Stern told me once during a master class that “the violin is the closest thing to the human voice,” after many years of playing violin I have come to realize that he was right. In fact, my favorite compliment is when I’m told that my violin “sings”.
5-The violin part is usually the main melody in the classical music repertoire, and although both chambre music, and orchestral music include more than one violin part, it still carries the melody.
6- Unlike other instruments where you are forced to a stationary playing position, the violin allows you to sit, stand or even move around. 
7-Violin is the perfect instrument to play classical and non classical music. I have been extremely lucky having the opportunity to perform and record so many musical styles, and genres such as: classical, jazz, latin, funk, middle eastern and even hip hop violin music.
8-To my humble opinion violin is the sexiest instrument, it is shaped like a female figure, while playing it looks like a beautiful dance.
9- Violin is used to play music, and playing music has all the benefits in the world: it develops the brain, dexterity, the ability to focus, it makes you happy, improves your musicality and self confidence, and even calm you down. 
10- Because music is a universal languish, your violin playing could give you the opportunity to travel the world, study, and join any orchestra or musical ensemble abroad.
Music is like magic, I hope you enjoy this Sesame Street episode of me teaching Abby Cadabby how to play the violin!


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