Jews will not replace us?!

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Violinist Miri Ben-Ari performs at MLK memorial inauguration

As a Jewish artist, and third generation to Holocaust survivors, I felt broken hearted when supremacists and Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, VA., screamed those words of hate: “Jews will not replace us.” One thought that came to mind is that perhaps parents and the education system as a whole, can do a better job teaching our kids about the values of diversity, ethnic understanding, and tolerance, which are America’s foundations, and in order to allow the young generation to grow up and become adults, who know to love instead of hate.

When looking at history, the Nazi party did not materialize out of nowhere. It started with a philosophy of bigotry, and years of hateful propaganda aimed towards young people. By the time they grew up they were ready to support and join the party. History tends to repeat itself and therefore we must learn from the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides to avoid repeating the same mistakes, and realize the potential danger in a group of people claiming superiority over another.
In my musical journey as a female violinist and music producer, who started as the Hip Hop violinist, and co-Founded the Gedenk Movement, I have been striving to deliver the message of tolerance, love and understanding through my music production and collaborations, as music for me is the ultimate “Symphony of Brotherhood.”
I strongly encourage artists and musicians in today’s world to keep collaborating and create positive messages together. If you feel like lending your voice and want to collaborate with me, send your creative ideas here.


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