Technology v. live music

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Live entertainment
Blogger: Miri Ben-Ari
Many people have asked me if there is a difference between a studio artist and a live entertainer when booking an artist for a concert, and why isn’t it the same? 
It seems to me that live entertainment has revolutionized with technology.  Back in the days, before the digital era, when artists performed live they sounded just like the record. A studio recording would take shorter time simply because artists would have to “cut” songs in one take. Sound editing was out of the question as there were no computers, no software, no plugins etc. 
Do you think that analog recordings sounded not as good? Not really, in fact, my favorite records of all time include many of those analog studio recordings such as Motown Records and many live Jazz concerts. 
So how did artists manage to be both entertainers and studio artists back then? I guess when you don’t have a choice, and when the ability to perform live matters more than anything, it brings up the overall level of live performers. As a music producer and a violinist who started with Jazz music, I experienced both of these worlds: my Jazz albums are live performances of one cuts, including “Live at the Blue Note,” and I have also been engaged, almost on a daily basis, with hours of production in my studio, sitting in front of my ProTools sessions. Both experiences are just as fun! But when considering celebrity booking, I would highly recommend to consider the difference between today’s digital artist generation with (very) produced studio records versus artists that master true stage showmanship for your entertainment book.


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