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I visited  the Elisabeth Morrow Summer String Festival Students to teach a music master class and also to perform with the students my original composition “Symphony of brotherhood“. It was a very moving experience! I performed my song accompanied by 360 strings players age 4-18 years old that did not miss a beat (or a note:-). The young students seemed to capture the spirit of my song, not only by playing their heart out, but also by promoting tolerance together and creating a soundtrack to the powerful words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “I have  dream”.
This diverse group of young students has transformed, just like the title of my song, into a “symphony of brotherhood,” playing music with no boundaries, a hope for a better future in a world that needs tolerance more than ever. Thank you everyone for your support and participation: students, teachers, staff members, Angela Thomas, Amelia Gold, Josue Sejour and Jim Beckerman who wrote a beautiful article in The Record/Herald News. Photo credit: Micah Spayer.


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