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I have come to realize that creating a bucket list is not a bad idea, after all why not putting together our thoughts and dreams in one awesome list and just go for it(?)
I was very pleased to find out when searching bucket lists on line, that many people had “learning an instrument” or “learning how to read music” in their bucket lists.
This brings me to a question that many people have asked me during my professional career as a classically trained violinist AKA “The Hip Hop violinist”: is it “too late” to learn a musical instrument?
My answer is always the same: It is never too late!
It is true that learning music at a young age is similar to learning a new language: it is easier, faster and has many benefits, especially when it comes to children’s brain development, but just like a foreign language, if you didn’t learn it as a child it is not “too late”.
So if you are reading this blog and always wanted to pick up a musical instrument, don’t think twice, it’s not about becoming the next Paganini on the violin or Vladimir Horowitz on the piano, it’s about having fun and you can benefit tremendously from learning music at any age.
You don’t need to be a musician in order to enjoy music, however playing an instrument and acquiring musical knowledge can potentially reintroduce you to the world of music and teach you a new way of listening and enjoying music.


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