Can music make you happy?

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Are you looking to get in a better mood or just need a little “boost”?
The answer is simple: all you have to do is to put on your favorite song or your favorite piece of music and let the magic play on!
It’s free, it’s safe and it can change your mood:)
researchers have proven scientifically that there is a link between our brain and music and that music can make us happier!
Apparently listening to music can cause us to experience a rush of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, as well as a rush of dopamine in the rear striatum, the brain’s pleasure center. This means that our brain is designed to interpret and react emotionally to music.
Knowing that music has this impact on the body may eventually influence medical treatments. For example, music has been found to boost the immune systems of patients after surgeries, lower stress in pregnant women and decrease the blood pressure and heart rate in cardiac patients. Music can also become more effective than other types of therapies in patients suffering from depression, anxiety and loneliness. in other words the brain’s response to music is a science that has a tremendous learning potential.
I know when I listen to music I love, it takes my mind away and I instantly start thinking about happy things:)
So what song makes YOU happy?:)


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